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PRODUCT UPDATE: Number Of Followers Filter

Today, we are introducing a new feature on SocialRank to soup up your segmentation and filtering game. You can now filter your followers based on how many followers they have. This is all part of our goal to help you better fine-tune your searches and find the people you want to find. This filter can be accessed by clicking “More ...

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PRODUCT UPDATE: New Look for Market Intel

Our Market Intel product (still in private beta) allows users to run reports on any Twitter account. Because we know this product will be extremely useful to entities ranging from big brands and record labels to agencies and universities, we are still slow to onboard new users to test it. However, for those beta testing it ...

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Lessons from Launching a Data Product

Source: DataValueTalk + Scott Adams

Over one month ago, we launched a product called the SocialRank Index. The Index tracks the Twitter activity of the world’s biggest brands, and our goal with it is to build a tool that monitors the “pulse” of how people are engaging with brands online. Since the Index has launched, we’ve learned myriad lessons on ...

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Early Access to SocialRank for Instagram

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.15.23 AM

At SocialRank we are building a place where you can log in with your various social accounts and pull all your followers into one central location. So far, we’ve been improving on our Twitter product before expanding to other platforms. In a few short weeks, we will be launching SocialRank for Instagram. It will look very ...

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The Startup T-Shirt Phenomenon: Branding and Conway’s Law

Source: South Park's Twitter account

In 1967, programmer Mel Conway wrote a paper called “How Do Committees Invent?” and submitted it to the Harvard Business Review, who promptly rejected it. Luckily for us, the paper eventually ended up getting published the following year in a tech magazine that was popular at the time. Hidden in this paper was a pretty ...

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UPDATE: Activity Filter Changes

We’ve made an important change to our Activity Filter this past month. Previously, you could filter your followers based on whether they were Active, Inactive, or Fake. However, these categories weren’t fully accurate. We had come up with decent approximations for them, but honestly, only Twitter can display this information correctly. For example, we might call ...

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Tech Startups Index

We recently launched a product we’ve been working on for several months — the SocialRank Index. The Index is a tool that tracks the Twitter activity of the world’s biggest brands. Anyone can log in and, without paying a dime, look at how the average company in a particular industry is performing. So far, we ...

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Tech Media Index

Tech Media Index Last week, we debuted the SocialRank Index, which tracks the Twitter activity of the world’s biggest brands. So far, we have released the Global Brands Index (Nike, Pepsi, etc) and the Tech Companies Index (Microsoft, IBM, etc). Our plan is to continue to release new industry-specific indexes over the following weeks and ...

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Universal Refresh

We’ve added a universal refresh button on the side menu when you log into SocialRank. This means two things: 1) while logged in, you can now refresh your account from anywhere on the site; and 2) you can easily see when your account was last updated. So you might notice that your last account refresh ...

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Tech Companies Index

A few days ago, we launched the SocialRank Index, which is a real-time look at the Twitter activity of the world’s biggest brands. Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing a slew of other industry-specific indexes. Today, we begin this process with the release of the Tech Companies Index. Tech Companies Index This ...

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