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We have been working hard for the past few months and are happy to announce the release of SocialRank 2.0 today. This is a major milestone and puts us on the trajectory of building a big business. SocialRank 2.0 is not a new product, but rather a natural evolution of the product released at the end of February. We also have some great brands using SocialRank involved in the launch — you can see all of them below.

SocialRank began as a simple tool to help brands find out more about the people that follow them on social networks, starting with Twitter. We released SocialRank in February and have been listening to what brands are looking for and need. We are evolving into an easy-to-use and affordable central location to help brands manage their followers across multiple networks (we also have begun development on Instagram and plan to add more networks soon).

There are many popular tools out there that help brands do everything from figuring out what time of day to tweet and what content to push out to what hashtags to use and how to get more followers. But we haven’t found an extensive or all-encompassing product that helps brands manage their followers across multiple networks that is also easy-to-use and affordable. Whereas a company like Hootsuite or Buffer has built a central location/dashboard to help manage posting across multiple networks, we are building a central location/dashboard to help manage followers across multiple networks. We are building the Hootsuite or Buffer for followers.

We see this happening in three phases: Identifying followers (original SocialRank launch), Managing followers (2.0 launch), and Performing Actions with your followers (coming in the next few months). We are excited about the direction the company is taking and want to share the big update.

Before we go through all the changes, let’s do a little housekeeping and give a short summary of what’s new.

Website (log in and start using SocialRank 2.0 today)

What’s New?

SocialRank 2.0 pulls in all of your followers for free instead of just your top 10 (free in original version) or top 100 (paid in original version). You can now also sort your followers by Most Valuable (MVF), Most Engaged (MEF), Best Followers (BF), as well as two new terms, Most Followed Follower and Alphabetized. In addition to sorting, you can filter your followers by bio keywords, location, verification, activity, and more. Lastly, once you have sorted and filtered, you can save searches (automatically updated when someone new follows you that fits into that query), export to Twitter and export to a CSV file.


SocialRank 2.0


As we discussed above, SocialRank 2.0 is the easiest way to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter. We have added a lot of awesome features in 2.0 and will walk through all of them here.



We’ve brought back the three terms from original SocialRank: Most Valuable, Most Engaged, and Best Followers, and added two new ways to sort your followers.

Most Valuable

Nothing has changed here, but the definition of Most Valuable is your followers that are the most in demand, important, and sought after in terms of engagement (but not necessarily engagement with you). The formula for Most Valuable takes into account everything from follower count, follower to following ratio, verification, how many times you are added to a Twitter list, and more. It does not take into account how much engagement they have had with you.

Most Engaged

Similar to Most Valuable, nothing has changed, but the definition of Most Engaged is your followers that engage with you the most. The formula to determine Most Engaged looks at everything from total number of interactions, RTs, @ mentions, favorites, added to list, and more. Each one is weighted differently. Most Engaged does not take into account value in the equation.

Best Follower

Like Most Valuable and Most Engaged, Best Followers has not changed. The definition of Best Follower is the perfect combination of your Most Valuable and Most Engaged. Basically, the Best Follower equation helps bring some of the bigger accounts that engage with you to the top. Best Follower takes both value and engagement into account.

Most Followed Followers

Many brands asked us if they could sort their followers by most followed follower down. So we added it. This is a new way to sort your followers and is as simple as it sounds.


Another request from brands was the ability to turn their followers into an address book. This can be done using sort by Alphabetize.


filters (2)

The biggest upgrade from SocialRank to SocialRank 2.0 is the ability to filter your followers. We are really excited about this feature and will walk through it here.

Location Filter

This filter allows you to enter any city, state, or country and set a distance. Then your SocialRank database will populate with people that fit this criteria. There is a lot that we plan to do with the Location filter. We want to get to a point where we show strong and weak signals depending on where the account is (i.e. if you live in NYC, but traveled to San Francisco that month, it should have a strong signal in NYC, but a weak signal in SF).

Bios, Names and Handles Filter

This filter lets you input any word and search your followers’ bios, names, and handles. For example, you can enter the word “fashion” or “sports” and it will show you all the people that have the word fashion and sports in their bio, name, or handle. Right now you can only search one word, but in the future I can see potential for a multi-word search.

Verification Filter

Instead of making Verification a sorting feature, we thought it made more sense to put it as a filter. In the Verification filter you can either filter by Verified or Unverified accounts that follow you. Many brands have been interested in looking at their biggest followers that aren’t verified. We’ve seen that when you filter by Unverified and sort by Most Valuable you get much better results than when sorting by Most Followed Follower.

Activity Filter

The Activity filter lets you parse through Active, Inactive, and Fake followers. It’s another way to slice and dice your followers.

Interests Filter

This filter allows you to query your followers by various interests. For example, if you are a sports apparel brand looking for 1,000 people who follow and engage with you that live in New York City and like soccer, you can use Interests to find those people. Although Interests is still in very early stages as a filter, we are very excited about where it can go.

Organization Filter

This filter is less for brands and more for people. It is something Michael and I have always wanted–  the ability to filter our followers by the organizations at which they work. For example, if I wanted to see all the people that follow me that work or have worked at Disney, I can do that in a few seconds. This filter is in early-stages and will continue to evolve post-launch.

Ways To Use Filters


There are endless ways that brands and individuals can use filters. For example, if you are a brand like Nike, Adidas, or Puma and are looking for 1,000 people that live in NYC, like soccer, and engage with/follow your brand (so you can invite them to a special event with Clint Dempsey after the World Cup), you can use filters to find those people. The tool is completely self-serve and takes 10 seconds to run.

Another example, on the individual level, is if you are hiring people for your company and are looking to recruit engineers. You can use the keyword search and enter “Engineer” then filter by your location and voila, you have some prospective candidates. These are just two ways to use the tool. Feel free to share with us how you used filters at [email protected]

Save Searches


The newest feature provides  three ways to save your sorting and filtering queries.

Save to SocialRank

Once you have queried your followers, you can now save the search to SocialRank. You can name it whatever you’d like and then it will show up in your Saved Searches tab. Any time a new follower comes in that fits the saved search criteria, it will automatically be added to that saved search. You can also delete a saved search at any time.

Export To Twitter List

Another way to save your search is to export it to a Twitter list. You can now make up to 1,000 lists, and each list can include up to 5,000 accounts. When exporting, we ask you to make a name for the Twitter list and it defaults to private, although you can also make it public. This is a good way to use the data found on SocialRank to take actions off of SocialRank.

Export To CSV File

The final way you can save your search is by exporting it to a CSV file. This way you can do whatever you want with it once it’s out of the system.

Brand Involved

Like the launch of SocialRank in February, we have lined up some terrific brands to demonstrate exciting ways to use SocialRank information to engage and reward followers.

Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali remains one of the most recognizable men on Earth more than fifty years after he emerged as a gold medalist at the 1960 Rome Olympics.

Among his countless awards and accolades, he was named Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsman of the Century”, GQ’s Athlete of the Century”, is a United Nations Messenger of Peace, and has received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Amnesty International Lifetime Achievement Award.

We’re excited to include @MuhammadAli in the SocialRank 2.0 launch. One of @MuhammadAli’s most engaged followers will receive product from the @RootsOfFight collection. Make sure to follow @MuhammadAli on Twitter!

Century 21 Stores


One of my favorite stores in NYC is Century 21. I buy everything there. Literally everything. I mean they have amazing designer merchandise for up to 65% off retail prices. What’s not to love?

So I am thrilled to have Century 21 involved in the SocialRank 2.0 launch. The Century 21 Store’s Twitter account will be giving away a curated designer fragrance boxes valued at $350+. They’ll be surprising and delighting one of their most engaged followers. Make sure to follow @Century21Stores on Twitter!



Bonobos is on a tear this year, changing the online and retail game for men’s apparel. Bonobos makes everything from shirts, pants, and jeans (denim) to suits and shorts. You can shop their collection online, at Nordstrom, or in one of their guideshops. We are pumped to have Bonobos involved in the Socialrank 2.0 launch. The @Bonobos Twitter account will be giving away a Bonobos shirt to one of their most engaged followers. Make sure to follow @Bonobos on Twitter!

Juicy Couture


Juicy Couture is a glamorous, irreverent, and fun lifestyle brand for the decidedly fashionable, bringing LA style and attitude to girls all over the world. The global phenomenon is identified as a casual luxury brand, offering apparel in the categories of women, girls and baby, handbags, shoes, intimates, swimwear, fragrance, accessories and jewelry.

We’re happy to include @JuicyCouture in the SocialRank 2.0 launch as they reward three of their most engaged followers with Viva La Juicy Gold Couture – the new fragrance from Juicy. Make sure to follow @JuicyCouture on Twitter!



Uber, a San Francisco-based technology startup, is innovating at the intersection of lifestyle and logistics. Uber connects riders with safe, reliable, convenient transportation providers at a variety of price-points in cities around the world. Uber is currently available in 42 countries and countless cities.

We are very happy that @Uber_NYC is getting involved in the SocialRank 2.0 launch. Uber NYC is selecting a follower and rewarding them with $50 credit. Make sure to follow them on Twitter!



Instacart is the only same-day grocery delivery startup offering delivery in as little as one hour. Focused on delivering groceries and home essentials, Instacart already has over 300,000 items from local stores in its catalogue. Instacart is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Austin, New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Seattle, Atlanta, Denver and Los Angeles. Instacart is growing extremely quickly and adding new cities and retailers every month.

We are delighted that Instacart is getting involved in the SocialRank 2.0 launch. Instacart is selecting a follower and rewarding him/her with a free month of Instacart Express (free delivery). Make sure to follow @Instacart on Twitter to get the latest news on sales, food facts, expansion and store launches!

Next Steps for SocialRank

We have a lot to do. The next steps are to continue to improve the SocialRank product, add more networks (Instagram is coming soon) and build out our SocialRank Market Intelligence product, which lets you run any handle you want; you can request early access here). The future is bright for SocialRank. Drop us a line ([email protected]) if you have any questions, comments, feedback, or jokes.

Alex Taub

Co-founder of SocialRank

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